Final Sale scammer

This Marktplaats(* scammer uses the domain names of existing companies but written slightly differently. Often with a dash in the name, then becomes It may seem OK but it doesn’t make sense!
When searching for the website, it links directly to the honest website of a real shop. This makes you think that it can be trusted. Unfortunately that is not the case. Because the scammer does receive all mail sent to the fake address. (with a dash) is scammer-mail. (without hyphen) is an ordinary shop.
Also this trick: (with hyphen) is 100% scammer-mail. (without hyphen) is a legitimate business. Does NOT have anything to do with scams. Does NOT advertise on Marktplaats.
Dash is also removed: (without hyphen) is 100% scammer-mail. (with dash) is honest business.
New : is 100% scammer-mail. is 100% scammer-mail.
Presents itself on Marktplaats as: SiSo Computers Almere , SiSo ITshop .

Same story at : and
Same story at : Techplus Computers and
And also at : Hitech Computers and
Computerstore Druten and + + + + + + + +

The sad score of this scammer …

*) Marktplaats is Ebay