NL31INGB0751113336 – Opgelicht Apple magic mouse + Voetbalkaartjes

Melding ; NL31 INGB 0751 113336
WAT gekocht
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NAAM v/d oplichter
WOONPL / 06-nr
apple magic mouse 2
Nico de Wit
I cam across with user's advertisement on MarktPlaats, user was selling apple magic mouse 2 there for. I made an offer for 25 euros and user accepted that. So he created a idea link instead payment way of marktplaats when I asked him why he didn't use marktplaats he said that, it is a bit complicated to him and he rather preferred to be paid like that, since I had information about his name and IBAN, I didn't think he would be lied about it. Then I made the payment, he verified that and I been told he will be sending the item tomorrow(23.03.2020) but once I messaged him to ask about situation. he hadn't replied then once I checked the website for blacklist, I came across with bank account for fraud 2 weeks ago.
Opgelicht Voetbalkaartjes
2 tickets FC Utrecht vs Ajax TOTO KNVB Beker
Tim Rijkstra
Bleef hele tijd vriendelijk reageren, maar toen er betaald was, was deze Tim in geen velden of wegen meer te bekennen.

ook opgelicht ?
meld het hier én doe aangifte
zoeken met de 06-nummers of IBAN kan extra info opleveren