NL37BUNQ2046924827 – 0623087501 – Again a BUNQ scammer, it never stops

Melding ; NL37 BUNQ 2046 924827  +  06-23087501
WAT gekocht
BEDRAG betaald
NAAM v/d oplichter
WOONPL / 06-nr
selling apple watch
Marchena Quinairy
leeuwarden 0623087501
I am selling my apple watch via marktplaats and this theft whatsapp me saying that he is interested, he has a profile picture of a women with 3 sons, with the name of Marchena Quinairy from Leeuwarden.
he said he want to buy it and transfer the money but because of bad exerience through marktplaats, he asked me if he can send a marketplace verification request.
I said yes and he sent me a link (the link/message was deleted later on) where i need to fill in my bank detail. Stupid me, i feel for it!!!
He then rob me and got access to my bank account and transfer my money to his bank number NL13ABNA0506417344

ook opgelicht ?
meld het hier én doe aangifte
zoeken met de 06-nummers of IBAN kan extra info opleveren