NL51INGB0435833294 – 0640413071 – dont ever pay in advance

Melding ; NL51 INGB 0435 833294  +  06-40413071
WAT gekocht
BEDRAG betaald
NAAM v/d oplichter
WOONPL / 06-nr
Betaald voor klusjes
Dongen 0640413071
I placed an add on Facebook "Ik zoek en klusser" for someone to fit new radiator radiator valves and a thermostat. The person he reacted to my add was Rick Tolsma. We agreed on a price of 150 euros and start date and time of 09:00 01NOV2021. The next day he requested money for the rental of some special equipment so that he could do the job quicker, then he requested more money for spares and finally he said another piece of equipment had just broke and need to rent that as well. If I didn’t pay it then he couldn’t do the job and o would lose the money I had paid him for the first piece of equipment. So stupidly I agreed. Total paid 580 euros.
01NOV2021 09:00 he didn’t arrive, 10:00 still no sign. Contact was made and 11.28 he advised he would call when he was on his way.
01:44 he advised he will be here at 15:00-15:30, 15:50 still no sign of this guy. I advise him that I am not happy about the situation and will contact the police for fraud. He still confirms he will arrive 01NOV2021
17:01 01NOV2021 he tells me his family has been in a car accident and will come 02NOV2021
08:36 02NOV2021 he tells me his family is on the hospital and will not come, request me to send him a request for the money and he will pay me back. I send him a money request.
03NOV2021 still no money
04NOV2021 still no money
05NOV2021 I advise that I am going to take civil action with the police
09NOV2021 he advises me that I will have the money on the 12NOV2021
11NOV2021 I make an official complaint to the police PL2000-2021302995-2

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