NL73INGB0662054164 – 0647502101 -Waaarschuwing

Melding ; NL73 INGB 0662 054164  +  06-47502101

WAT gekocht
BEDRAG betaald
NAAM v/d oplichter
WOONPL / 06-nr
RAM Geheugen
Spaubeek 0647502101
"She" first contacted me through marktplaats asking to buy my RAM cards then sent her number to talk through WhatsApp. She then sent the tikkie link to "verify" that I am not a scammer (0,01 cents tikkie). I then tried to make that transaction multiple times throughout the day but the page never seem to load. I asked her about her IBAN so I can transfer 1 cent but she kept saying that she wanted it through tikkie. Eventually I checked my bank account for other purposes and found a transaction waiting to be confirmed for 829,00 euros. The description: Salary. I deleted the transaction as the name was also false. The name on my bank said "Elisa P" and my bank said that was not the name of the card holder either. No I did not get scammed. I was very lucky. Now I put all my money in my savings to be even safer. I will only withdraw it when I need it. I suggest you do the same and to not use tikkie anymore. It is becoming a site scammers use to trick people like us. Stay safe!

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